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Because everyone needs pampering sometimes.

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Acryline Simplicity FS

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Freestanding soaking or air bath tub
72" long, 40" wide, 25-3/8" high
16-1/2" water depth
70 gallon capacity
2-person bath


  • Tub Size: 72" long, 40" wide, 25-3/8" high
  • Water Depth to Bottom of Overflow: 16-½"
  • Capacity: 70 gallons
  • Number of Bathers: 1
  • Styles: Available as a Soaking Bath, True Drain Channel Air System (54 channel air jets), Injection Air System (18 injector air jets), or Ultimate Combination System.



  • Freestanding Bath
  • Center drain
  • Chrome drain & overflow included
  • Blower to be remote mounted
  • Heated headrest: 1 per system (when equiped with air system)
  • Lumbar support
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Remote Control included with all freestanding bath tubs when equiped with any air system



Standard Colors




  • Integrally molded armrests
  • Choice of 3 decks: Flat, Rolled, Ogee (see photos below)
  • Choice of colored skirt: White or Black
  • Brushed Nickel drain and overflow
  • Chromatherapy lights
  • Grab bars
  • Air Massage Systems - Select from the available systems in the tabs above.
    Slip in to warm waters and relax as massaging bubbles caress your body from your neck to your toes. Your entire body benefits from our warm air massage spa baths that provide relaxation and relief from the stress that is part of everyday life. It’s all about wellness and good health. Enjoy massages ranging from the very gentle and finger tip like touch of our injectors, to the high energy, combined; deep tissue, joint and nervous system massages that only True Drain® Channel System can provide. All you need to determine is what type of massage(s) you prefer and which one of Acryline’s systems can provide your individual preference in the privacy of your own bath.

Available deck styles

Flat Deck Rolled Deck Ogee Deck
Flat Deck Rolled Deck Ogee Deck

True Drain Channel System

True Drain Channel Air System

channel system iconIf you want a vibrant deep tissue massage that will relieve muscular tension and release toxins, choose Acryline’s patented True Drain® Channel System.

The True Drain® Channel Air System delivers the level of intensity needed to provide a deep tissue massage without punishing the body. Our channel generates constant waves of massaging water over the body’s muscle and skeletal structure easing the body to relief.

channel systemBeginning in 1972 with the advent of Acryline’s unique channel technology they have always provided the best drying channel in the industry. Hand crafted of smooth fiberglass and shaped to follow the slope of each bath to where the drain is located, Their channel has always given gravity the first opportunity to drain residual water and dry the channel interior. Mother nature does her work and the auto purge cycle of the blower motor ensures a thorough evacuation of all residual moisture completely drying the channel after every bath. With True Drain (patent pending) Acryline has improved on their already superior channel.

Basically, they redesigned the drain impression making it slightly wider and deeper than a standard drain impression. This deeper and wider impression allowed them to extend the channel below the bath well and directly to the side of the drain impression and above the drain opening itself. Now moisture travels all the way through the channel following the perimeter of the bath well but above the floor of the bath and then goes below the bath floor down a small channel corridor out of the channel to the drain impression where it goes down the drain.

Acryline’s belief in sanitation is why they created and added True Drain (patent pending) to the best channel on the market. For over thirty years they have simply accepted the premise that full enjoyment of a system bath requires confidence in its sanitation.

Injection System

Injection Air System

injection system iconinjection systemIf you want a gentle massage that stimulates the nervous system, improving both circulation and respiration, choose our Injection System.

The Injection Air System provides a gentler and tactile level of massage. The strategic placement of the injectors follows the meridians of the central nervous system. This design allows the warm air bubbles to flood across these meridians and thereby improve blood flow and respiration.

Ultimate System

Ultimate Combination System

ultimate system iconultimate systemIf you want to have it all plus the ability to choose your type of massage each time you bathe, choose our Ultimate Combination System.

True Drain® Channel and Injection Air Systems provide real and effective personal massage but perform different aspects of a complete massage. Acryline combined these systems into an Ultimate Combination System to provide the most complete massage ranging from a gentle tactile massage all the way up to a whole body deep tissue massage and anywhere in between.

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